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I'm just recently getting into doing intermittent fasting (16:8). I originally started doing it only for weight loss but I can honestly say that the reason I'm continuing is because it helps me so much with my mood and sleep. It's crazy how clear-minded I feel compared to snacking all day like I used to.

My preferred eating window is 8:00am-4pm (although I honestly sometimes condense it even more by having my last meal at about 2pm). I'm a big breakfast person but I really don't mind not eating at the end of the day.

My goal is to lose about 20 pounds through both IF and Keto and to also tone up quite a bit with weight training. I WILL be 15% body fat! I'm honestly not putting a time stamp on my goals because sometimes that messes with my mind but I'm just going to do it at a pace I feel like I can maintain :)

My brother is coming home from the Air Force today and will be here until Sunday so my family will be eating dinner together the next couple days so I am going to try to fast until about 11am each day so I can eat dinner with my family at about 7:00pm and then I can go back to my usual 8:00 am breakfasts on Monday!

I'm really excited for this community! I often feel quite lonely in my goals and how I'm achieving them because not many people understand. So I'm really happy to feel like I have some support and also that I get to support others too!

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Sep 2 '17
Good luck! :)
Sep 2 '17
Thank you! @nessaroze
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By sunsetketo
Added Sep 1 '17


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