Day 10.66 of 10 Day Fast from kaleidoscopeiiis's log

Starting Weight: 153.4 lbs

Today's Weight: 135.8 lbs

Total Lost: 17.6 lbs

Wow. Just wow. I am so happy that I finished this fast. (I'm also so happy to be done with it...) I've been deeply emotional all day, getting choked up at the smallest things. I just feel so grateful that I was brave enough to do this, that I had the support to do it, and for all of the positive changes in my body and my life. My husband was marveling at my body a few days ago. MARVELING. He was commenting on how healthy I look, how slender, and so on, telling me to turn this way and that while I was undressed. It was one of those simple but incredible moments. He's always loved my body, regardless of its size and shape, but he REALLY loves that I am happier with myself and that he can pick me up so much more easily now compared to when we started dating (when I weighed 200+ lbs). I personally love how I look, how my clothes are fitting, and how close I am to my goal weight. I was thinking about doing another fast next week, 5 days perhaps, but I was at the gym last night and realized that I've really slacked off for a couple months in the strength-building department, so I think that I will take a 1-week break from fasting at the very least, and focus on lifting weights, running, and losing weight with CICO.

I will be breaking my fast in about 30 minutes, making this a 10 and 2/3 day fast -- approximately 256 hours. My goal was 10 days, so this little extra bit today is just bonus hours. I'll post tomorrow about breaking my fast, what I weigh tomorrow, etc. But I am happy to say: GOAL ACHIEVED.

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By kaleidoscopeiiis
Added Oct 5 '17



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