Day 8 of 10 Day Fast from kaleidoscopeiiis's log

Starting Weight: 153.4 lbs

Today's Weight: 138 lbs

Total Lost: 15.4 lbs

Down another pound, about what I expected for today.

So, yesterday was awful. On top of the bad night's sleep Saturday night, I had a horrendous headache all afternoon on Sunday, and couldn't do anything except attempt to nap (mostly failed) and sit on the couch with a blanket and a one of the bean bags you microwave to warm up and put on your head (which helped some). I was genuinely miserable. I did make it out of the house for church and Sunday afternoon tea, but by the time we got home around 1:30, I didn't feel like I could do anything at all. I have no idea what happened, but I'm guessing it was either low electrolytes, the side effects of some detoxification, caffeine withdrawal (I thought I had enough, but maybe not), or else just a bad headache from being so hungry, and I was hungry all day.

I took a double dose of melatonin before bed, and slept reasonably well, thank goodness. I woke up feeling not as bad, but still not great. The headache is still there, but it's like a 2 out of 10 instead of a 7, so that's an improvement at least. Today I am going to increase my potassium, sodium, and magnesium intake, and hope that helps. I came extremely close to breaking my fast last night. I was literally laying on the floor of our apartment in pain, casting around desperately for what to do, and I just kept thinking that if I ate, the problem would be solved (maybe true, maybe not), but I saw a post on here or on r/fasting that said that if you are thinking about breaking your fast and it's almost bedtime, just sleep on it and see how you feel. I am so glad I read that, and I took that advice. I am not sure I'll make the full ten days, but I am feeling relatively confident that I can finish out today, and that is what matters for the moment.

I'm not looking forward to eating so much as I am looking forward to having my normal energy. I am jealous of the people who seem to get a lot of energy from fasting. I don't. I kind of feel like a weak Victorian woman who never exerts herself and is bound to die in childbirth at some point. With the bad headache, I've even lost the mental alertness I was feeling. Hopefully this gets better throughout today, because a girl's got stuff to do, and I don't like feeling physically and mentally incapable.

That said, I am so pleased with the weight loss progress, and still think this is worth it. I have planned out my first two days of refeeding, which will involve very small servings of vegetable and tofu curries with coconut milk (unless certain plans change). I am going to try to stay in ketosis, but I'm not particularly good at enforcing that. I want to re-feed Thursday-Sunday, and then start another fast, probably 5 days or so, next week. If I can stay below 140 even with re-feeding, I'll be happy.

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Oct 2 '17
I'm really proud of you. Keep it going! Almost there.
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By kaleidoscopeiiis
Added Oct 2 '17



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